Movement Reports

You've experienced incorrectly filled-in travel orders? Slow and late deliveries? A questionable number of work-hours spent on the road?

With Europe Tracking movement reports, the firm gets all the needed information on the vehicles and drivers, all through one simple system. Using some of the standard reports, or through specially ordered reports, the management has a possibility of analyzing the movements of vehicles, in order to increase efficiency and decrease expenses. All reports can get automatically set to arrive via e-mail daily, weekly, or monthly, if necessary.

Our experience enables us to create more efficient business solutions that bring users multiple benefits of satellite tracking of the vehicles, depending on the type and model of the device, and options that include:

Activity Reports:
  • Speeding
  • Path traveled
  • Stationary operations of the vehicle
  • Stopping of the vehicle
Productivity Reports:
  • Visitation of points of interest or zones
  • Daily activities
  • View of the daily routes within a given period of time
  • Report of active inputs (opening of the trunk, the fuel reservoir, fuel consumption analog or CAN BUS/FMS ...)
  • Usage of the vehicle per driver
  • Fuel consumption
Security Reports:
  • Stepping outside the given movement radius
  • Unauthorized using of vehicle outside work hours
  • Entering into the forbidden zone of movement

Preview of the dates of registration, insurance, servicing and other details concerning each specific vehicle as well as the option of automatic warnings about the upcoming dates for every vehicle.

It receives warnings through e-mail or SMS in case the vehicle steps outside the given movement radius or speed limit, or moves through a forbidden zone, etc.

Take look at some examples of the reports:

You are still unable to find the desired reports?

We have noticed that not even the most highly developed IT systems can satisfy specific needs of clients every time, so we have programed our application in a way that allows new possibilities to be added quickly, so that our clients actually become co-creators of the system.

Garmin communicator
Garmin communicator Tachograph Data Fuel control
Save money by communicating with Your drivers via our data SIM cards, voice cards, send free SMS messages through our software, to any number You want, or send messages and destinations to Garmin device directly in the vehicle.

One of the most important items in the annual expenses reports of physical persons and legal entities is the fuel. To protect Your finances, based on years of experience, we have developed a proven system that saves Your money.
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