By developing the system and analyzing needs of the market over the years we have found that the investment itself as well as the invested-gained ratio becomes justified after only a few months. Through reactions of our long-term clients, we received a rather impressive feedback concerning clients expenses. They achieved significant savings by installing the devices for satellite tracking, which results in the following:

  • Fuel consumption has been reduced from 7% in some cases all the way up to 27%
  • Misuse of the fuel has been reduced to a minimum or to zero
  • Reduction in use of the vehicle outside work hours for personal purposes
  • Reduction in number of traffic accidents
  • More careful and moderate driving
  • Reduction in costs of vehicle maintenance (tires, oil, parts,..)
  • Great psychological effect on a driver, knowing that a satellite tracking device has been installed
Which are our system's advantages over competition?
  • The system is completely web-based. There is no need for installing a program or buying a license. The user accesses the system through their own username and password from any computer or cell phone connected to the internet
  • Travel reports and views also include precise addresses
  • Intelligent driven mileage system, with less than 0.1% error
  • Intelligent system of marking and viewing movement on the map with addresses
  • Constant maps refreshing
  • Available more digital input channels (possibility of installing the panic button, door opening sensor, trunk opening sensor...) and more analog input channels with the possibility of calibration (temperature sensor, fuel level etc.)
  • Mobile access – movement viewing and logging on by cell phone
  • Use and overview of movements abroad (roaming)
  • User himself creates new user accounts and their access possibilities
  • Constant technical support and system improvements
Which are the benefits for user's company?

Since Europe Tracking system can be adjusted to any user or company, the list of its useful characteristis is endless. We are further listing some of the usual advantages and beneficial effects that user can expect:

  • Reduction in the traveled mileage and fuel consumption
  • Reduction in driving hours and overtime hours
  • A safer way of driving and less traffic accidents
  • Efficiency increase for both driver and vehicle
  • Safety increase for both driver and vehicle
  • Phone bill reduction
  • Reduction in administrative expenses of the driven mileage monitoring
  • Increase of the level of service to clients
Integrating with other programs

It is possible to integrate Europe Tracking application for satellite tracking of vehicles, into Your program. In case Your company has an employee with sufficient IT knowledge, with some work using standard export - import methods, You can put all information and reports onto Your IT program.

Work efficiency

Persons in charge of Your vehicle fleet can have all the reports available in maximum one minute time. It used to take days for reports and information to be generated into one report. With all these options the application allows the reports to be exported into one of the very formats that suits You (PDF, Word, Excel), or to simply be printed and band together, i.e. archived for a particular vehicle that the report applies to. Such reports can be attached to a certain travel/work order (daily, weekly, monthly...)

The interesting thing is that it takes only one Excel file, to which the data would be entered monthly, in columns separated by months, to have the entire vehicle fleet monitored collectively, using simple formulas, concerning the most important information such as fuel pouring and consumption, traveled mileage, vehicle using data and the analysis and effectiveness of the work.

Timely Maintenance Of Your Vehicles

You can in easily create and keep record of all Your vehicle/fleet maintenance, be notified when a particular vehicle servicing needs to get done, and plan those expenses within annual expenses. Thereby, You work faster and more effectively, save work hours and of course reduce paperwork.

Europe Tracking application will also notify You on any scheduled servicing appointment – it is enough to simply define Your vehicle's servicing appointments once in Maintenance option. Service gets adjusted according to traveled mileage, work hours or a certain period of time. Once You get this done, Europe Tracking application will always send an e-mail reminder for Your vehicles.

Review of All Costs

Expense module enables You to see how many times the vehicle have been on technical check-ups, repairs, and how much money has actually been invested in the vehicle. You can simultaneously increase efficiency and control of the expenses, check the correctness of Your expenses, and decide if You should keep investing Your money in vehicle that constantly needs to be repaired, or sell or exchange it for a newer model.

Garmin communicator
Garmin communicator Tachograph Data Fuel control
Save money by communicating with Your drivers via our data SIM cards, voice cards, send free SMS messages through our software, to any number You want, or send messages and destinations to Garmin device directly in the vehicle.

One of the most important items in the annual expenses reports of physical persons and legal entities is the fuel. To protect Your finances, based on years of experience, we have developed a proven system that saves Your money.
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